Hundreds of millions of
people can attest from
personal experience that
gay people often know
their orientation during
the first 10 years of life,
making them vulnerable
to discrimination at a
very early age.

Much of civil society
fails to internalize
this reality. Thankfully
allies exist with a
greater understanding.

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Be an Investigator
Make your investment in your education count. Learn about institutes of higher education by asking lots of questions of faculty and students.

Gay Straight Alliance
Welcome to the Gay Straight Alliance portal, one of the most educational places on the web updated daily and dedicated to each person who strives for human rights.

This site covers
sexual orientation education and equality to help preserve the integrity of all human rights for all human beings and to protect current and future generations of family members.

Here you will discover resources - secular and religious, public and private - that support human rights and human dignity. New information appears regularly so visit often.

You Make A Difference
Individuals who get involved make all the difference. Whether you join a group, attend an event, speak out against discrimination, intervene to help someone, or lend emotional support to others, you are making the world a better place for everyone.

K-12 School
Every gay and straight student has a right to a public education in an environment that is free from harassment, violence, namecalling and intimidation. All students deserve dignity and respect, regardless of their sex, sexual orientation, race, religion, disability, national or ethnic origin.

Higher Education
At schools of higher education across the world, you can find supportive student, faculty and alumni groups that advocate for academic and social equality based on sexual orientation. Many of these organizations have existed for decades, educating, helping and uniting gay and straight citizens.

Gay people of all ages spend billions of dollars each year on higher education. Straight allies do too. As education consumers, students must allocate some time to investigating their selections so they get maximum value for their investment. Schools should provide a supportive environment where they can grow stronger academically, socially, and personally to better compete and participate in the diverse global civilization that fuels the world economy.
Equality in education is important since human rights belong to everyone, now and in the years to come. Students and their families need to know that they are investing their time, energy and resources in institutions that uphold the ideals of human equality to safeguard future generations who pass through the halls of learning.

Everyone - from students to families to administrators to faculty - should thrive in an educational environment free from discrimination. The same should be true for every citizen in their community, city, state and nation.

Learn more about getting active in the ongoing struggle for human rights. You can and you will make a difference with your involvement. The world depends upon thoughtful people like you.

Entering the Workforce
All major national and nonsectarian educational, legal, medical and labor associations in Spain, Belgium, United Kingdom, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Portugal, Switzerland, New Zealand, Australia, United States of America, Canada, and many other countries uphold human rights and do not discriminate based on sex, sexual orientation, race, religion, disability, national or ethnic origin. As you enter the workforce and throughout your pursuits, consider belonging to these groups to enhance your efforts and opportunities.

Talk about Human Rights and Marriage Equality
American rightwing fascists are trying to stop you from discussing human rights for gay people with your friends in school, but the First Amendment is alive and well in the USA. Education will triumph over ignorance.

You have a right to talk with your friends and fellow students about marriage equality, human rights, celebrating diversity, and the importance of liberty and justice for all. The fascists do not want you to talk about these important topics; they want to silence you just as they used lies, deception, and fearmongering to violate human rights in many states; the fascists did the same thing in Nazi Germany and they are doing it in the Russian Federation and in parts of the USA like Lake County, Florida. They do not want you talking about your gay friends or family members. They do not want you standing up for human rights.

We know that they cannot stop you from talking to your peers about these important matters - freedom, friendship, human rights like non-discrimination and marriage equality, dignity, and liberty including Freedom of Speech. They cannot claim equality for gay human beings is being taught by schools if you, the students, are already educating one another about it. You cannot be taught by schools what you already know. Exercise your First Amendment rights to teach your friends and to show the fascists you will not be silenced by corrupt politicians.

Naming Your Organization
When you form a student organization, you will immediately know you are dealing with abusive fascists if they try to limit what you call your student organization. This is the first sign that such trustees, administrators, and school systems are disingenuous about confronting homophobia and discrimination; they start out discriminating against your organization by trying to dictate its name and prevent its name being used to most-easily convey its purpose.

For instance, they don't want the term gay, straight or rainbow used in the name because that would actually be specific and clear. They want it generic such as Diversity, Respecting Differences, or Social Justice Club to dilute, dictate and diminish its focus and intent (Imagine administrators and trustees telling students wanting to create, for example, a catholic or jewish or muslim club that they cannot use the term catholic or jewish or muslim because it is too political in their opinion; such censorship, using public funds, of the students' core identity in describing their club is appalling, bigoted, and unjustifiable). Such administrators and trustees abusing children in this manner are corrupt, should not be allowed around students and should be removed from their post; they are a source of the very discrimination gay straight alliances aim to combat. All public funding should be removed from such discriminatory institutions.

Protecting Gay and Straight Friends
Some politicians are using government to wage a war to harm citizens and damage the health and wellbeing of gay, bi, and straight human beings by trying to prevent important information from reaching your friends and peers. As a result of this onslaught, it falls to students to educate one another about health and sexuality so your lives can be safeguarded with knowledge and understanding to ensure you can make informed decisions.

A few minutes spent learning will impact your entire life. Regardless of your sexual orientation or gender, visit for example the
Health Knowledge Base at Planned Parenthood to empower yourself about sexual and reproductive health and wellbeing. If corrupt, sanctimonious, and genocidal politicians aim to create ignorance to prevent schools from protecting the health and wellbeing of humans, then thoughtful, understanding human beings must stand up to protect ourselves and one another. You can talk with your friends and educate them throughout the day, in and out of school, during lunch and study breaks, at sporting and other school events, during the week and the weekend.

And you can work with friends, parents, and community leaders to remove the corrupt politicians from office so they stop harming young people. You will be amazed how easy it is to discover which politicians are corrupt and endangering the lives of children, because these politicians aim to violate the First Amendment rights of other Americans, such as freedom of expression and peaceful assembly.

If politicians try to stop you, for example, from creating a gay straight alliance in Middle School, then simply add a religious component to your club such as the Jesus Gay Straight Alliance or the Children of God Gay Straight Alliance - showing love, compassion, acceptance, understanding, and equality to all God's children gay, bi, and straight to stand up against bullying and discrimination. Jesus said to love your neighbor as yourself, to do unto others as you would have done unto you, and to not discriminate. "That which you do unto the least of these," said Jesus, "you do unto me." That way politicians will have to violate your freedom of religion to block your club and it will make it political suicide for politicians, who will be labeled as anti-Christian and anti-religious for their actions. After all, the core message of Christianity is not controlled by anti-gay groups, and there are plenty of welcoming religious groups and individuals in the USA who have every right to have clubs reflecting their inclusive Christianity. Politicians blocking Christian children from forming clubs to protect their friends and family members does not go over well with anyone in mainstream America.

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Now You Know
There are more than 3 million gay students under the age of 18 in the USA alone and more than 4.8 million in the European Union.

The first Gay Straight Alliance was started in Europe over a half century ago.

There are over 4000 Gay Straight Alliances in the USA.

Time Together
Whether you are gay or straight, a kid or a grown-up, spend some quality time with your family.

State Protection
For All Students

Over thirty nations protect students from education discrimination at the federal and/or provincial level.

Forty-six percent of U.S. Americans have state protection in education as the United States gradually makes progress protecting human rights. Bullying and harassment in education based on sexual orientation is banned in North Carolina, Maryland, Guam, Illinois, Washington, Arkansas, and New York.

Education discrimination based on sexual orientation is banned in Massachusetts.

Education discrimination, including harassment and bullying, based on sexual orientation is banned in California, DC, New Jersey, Minnesota, Iowa, Colorado, Oregon, Wisconsin, Maine, Vermont, and Connecticut.

Centuries of discrimination, inequality, and prejudice do not justify centuries more. Education combined with thoughtful genuine human communication can triumph over ignorance and can defeat bigotry. Students are often the greatest teachers. Young people frequently have a lot to teach the world about fairness and justice.

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